Silo Inspection

Silo inspection is a forensic study to determine the integrity of the vessel and to make recommendations to extend the useful life.

There should be two factors involved in the decision to inspect your silo's.



; consider the possibility of injuries and fatalities due to structural weaknesses.

Silo Inspection Services

"I would like to express my appreciation for your services regarding the inspection and repairs on our stave salt silos. The silos look to be restored to almost new condition and should last for years."

Charles M.

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Silo Services
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; consider the probability that minor corrections or silo repairs could prevent the necessity of a major silo repair project, or the possible loss of a silo or bin.

Our team of expert silo inspectors will perform a non-destructive thickness testing of your cone and walls, visual inspection of the cone and roof and if necessary physical testing to specific problematic area's. Your report will also repair and maintain your silo for maximum productivity and silo life.

We would invite you to learn more about our silo inspection service by contacting us at 888.559.2866.