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Silo Inspection Services

Silo inspection is a forensic study to determine the integrity of the vessel and to make recommendations to extend the useful life.  Inspections should be made regularly to ensure constant awareness and adequate planning time should major repairs be needed. 

There should be two factors involved in the decision to inspect your silo’s.

Safety Inspection

Inspections for the safety of the silo structure ought to be of primary concern.  Structural weaknesses, frail structures, and damage to your silo could compromise the safety of your employees.  The possibility of injury or fatalities caused by vulnerabilities in the silo structure are important considerations.  

Economic Inspection

Your silos play an important role in the storage and protection of raw material. Minor corrections and/or repairs may prevent larger, major repair projects.  Of course, an inspection may also discover that a silo is beyond repair and continued use or efforts to maintain that silo could cause an economic disadvantage.